Saturday, January 29, 2011

Excuses, excuses...

So, we're almost to the end of January. How are you doing with your "New Year Resolutions"? LOL at this time HOPEFULLY you have remained true to your resolutions. But USUALLY we HAVEN'T LOL. And hey, as bad as that might sound, it's TRUE. Some of us have not even gone a few weeks without breaking our New Year Resolutions. And that's ok. That's the reason why we're human, right? The good news is we can go back and re-set everything. We have the power to go back, review our solutions and change them.

So what are you re-setting? Is there anything you need to go back and review and change? Do you need to review and change a resolution you had for your business? Do you need to go back and even SET some resolutions for your business? Well go ahead and do that and move on. Good luck.

T. Garrison-Thomas

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