Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Not Get Overwhelmed in Business

Yeah I said it. OVERWHELMED! Let's face it, we all deal with this at some point in our lives. Being overwhelmed or feeling overwhelmed. There are so many factors of building a business that can be overwhelming or seem like too much to handle. Here are 3 ways to keep yourself from being overwhelmed or get out of your overwhelm-ing-ness
Step 1- FOCUS
Step 2- FOCUS
Step 3- did I say, FOCUS?

Last week, my husband decided to purchase a new couch for our living room. We are moving into a new house soon but I didn't expect him to start buying furniture anytime soon! Anyhow, he starts sending me pictures of all of these couches and living room sets that he liked and thought I'd like and I almost threw my phone across the room! I appreciate him trying to take initiative, use his time off wisely, and make a purchase for our family, but the thought and process of choosing a couch set via text message pictures made me really overwhelmed and I couldn't handle it! There were so many pictures coming in, I had students in front of me (I'm a teacher by hobby :)), and I just couldn't FOCUS on what he was asking me. Eventually, I just asked him to find out what the return policy was, what their weekend hours were, and asked him to choose one he liked (If I don't like it, I can return it later).

Compare this to your business. If you are always looking at what others are doing, have so many business ideas that you start and stop on, then you are not FOCUSed. There's no way you could be successful with so many OTHER things going on. You need to chose. In my book, The Motivator (coming this summer!), I share that you should write down the actual hours you are going to work your business during the week and stick to them! Having a set amount of daily working hours will help you to not get so overwhelmed.

I mentioned earlier, "looking at what others are doing": If you were privileged enough to experience the twitter party this weekend, you saw or read information about so many different business people. Which was so cool to see. (Hat's off to LaShanda Henry of Black Business Women However, if you are not FOCUSed in your business, still trying to figure out what services you're going to offer, then that might have been a little overwhelming for you. You were probably the one looking at everyone's website, getting ideas of what you want to do, then seeing someone else's website and seeing something ELSE you want to do, and eventually having too many ideas to choose from (don't get me wrong, it is always nice to check out other peoples websites to support them and refer people to them, but stay focused on what you are trying to do)!

Here are some things you need to do, in order to find your niche in business: First, you need to take the B.A.T. (Business Aptitude Test: determines what type of business would best for your personality type). This test will help you decide what you would most enjoy doing, if you could FIRE YOUR BOSS tomorrow! Second, you need to find a business coach ( I know a great one offering a FREE introductory consultation that can help, ME!). A business coach can help you create a business plan and hold you accountable for sticking to the plans. Once you have these two steps done, you will be on your way to success.

Remember the old saying, "time is money". So you are losing out when you are wasting time and distracted by other peoples websites and services You are losing out when you are wasting time and doing things in your free time OTHER than working your business. You are losing out when you are not FOCUSED on your goals for building a successful business. Remember, "when you are not focused, you fail".

See you at the top!

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Job's For Anybody

A few months ago, I went to a business meeting and it was very interesting. The featured presenter was there answering questions from prospects and he was taking 7-8 minutes to answer each of them! He would even get off track and lose focus of the question he was answering. And as I sat there, a bit annoyed by his tangents, I realized that ANYBODY can build a business! This guy literally makes MILLIONS of DOLLARS a year and all he does is just talk to people. He goes off on random bits of information, and gets so excited it seems he can't even breath but yet HE'S SO SUCCESSFUL! So, the key is to be yourself. Yes, we should study our business and know the "ins and outs", etc. But just being yourself and allowing people to relate with you is a huge factor in building a successful business.

That's a big part of Internet Marketing as well. Although you're not meeting people face to face, they need to and want to like you before they decide to do business with you.  That's why it is important that you understand the concept of "branding" yourself. In a nutshell, you want people to be attracted to you. You should include photos on your website and offer training videos taped in your house so they can see you in your regular habitat. Give them ways to gain easy access to you. This makes people feel more comfortable with you and want to do business with you. Let's face it, we only have the friends we have today because something about them attracted us to them. Whether it was their personality or something they had to offer, that's the bottom line. Therefore, you have to do the same on your website to make people like you and want to do business with you! Market yourself on social network sites and leave your business cards with people you meet. Those simple things (to start) will help you get exposure to people that need your services.

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Revised 5/12/11

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Health Brings Wealth

Have you ever thought of this concept? That maybe by having a healthy lifestyle you can actually make a substantial living? You could experience freedom and create your own retirement plan? You could be at home with your kids more and make decisions on whether you want to work or not? If you said "yes" to anything above, then there is a way to help you.

I have discovered a company that has not only laid the foundation for an opportunity
that would span the spectrum of wellness but actually has a great line of products. These products contain antioxident properties good for streghthening the immune system, supporting cartilage and joint function, promoting a healthy respitory system, and make you look good too!

But it’s not just this product that can benefit your health and life but it can also benefit your income. Offering a lucrative compensation plan, this company is second to none in helping others build a successful business. Whether it is part time or full time. The bottom line is your not selling a product; you’re building an empire.

I work with a team of dynamic individuals who have the passion, proof, and resources to build a team of successful business owners. All you have to do is, get started. Stop questioning yourself and procrastinating. Research shows that the main reason why most people do not start a business(or do things to better themselves) is due to fear of failure. Well , let me tell you now, there are going to be times in your life when you fail. It's inevitable, because we're human. The difference between you and others that fail SHOULD be that you get back up and try again. That’s evidence of a true and successful “go-getter”. If you don't believe me, read the biographies of "go getters" like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and Carlos Slim Helu. So, if you’re ready to change your life-story then let us help you!

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Tamara Garrison-Thomas
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