Monday, February 28, 2011


So this past weekend, I went to L.A. to visit a friend. On Friday night while waiting in the airport, the flight was delayed 2 times due to the weather in L.A. So you could imagine the tension glooming in the gate as we were finally able to board. Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to board earlier and ended up sitting on the last row of the plane. BUT luckily, I got my window seat AND didn't have anyone sitting directly next to me. But in the first seat of the row was a young man as frustrated as I was to be getting to L.A. so late. So we struck up a conversation and I discovered that he is Mike, one of the developers of a free website builder called LIFEYO. It was so cool to speak to him as a developer of a website that helps thousands of business owners. He was interested in hearing my opinions on other website builders and what small business owners like myself need in a website builder. The conversation definitely took our minds off the horrible turbulence we were experienceing due to the storm. But we landed safely and all is well. 

Since then, I have checked out the website and it is actually pretty cool! First, it gives you the oppportunity to name your website and start building right away. They even have a demo/tutorial for people to view if they need help. The website builder is easy to use, providing 3 steps to take to complete your website. One of my favorite features is the ability to design and edit the website however you would like. On other sites, although you have a lot of say-so in design, you cannot put pictures, text, etc wherever you would like.

I plan on switching website providers soon. I like that you have more do-it-yourself options. I highly recommend LIFEYO as a place to build a website. Visit their site at Comment below and let me know what you think.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So you own a business, now what?

So you've decided to take the plunge, live the American dream own a business! At this point you've either decided to start a direct marketing company, a network marketing company, invest in a franchise or have decided to just start your own. Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have made the first step, which can be the easiest or hardest decision we make. But after you've paid the money, created the business plan, received the business starter kit with training and had a chance to sit down and let the smoke clear, you may start to think, NOW WHAT? How do you market yourself? How do you get products on the shelves? How do you get employees? Better yet, how do you get CUSTOMERS???

Well do not fear! This is a common reaction after starting a business. There are so many transitions you will go through as you try to build your business and make it a SUCCESS! The key is to continue to TRY! DON'T GIVE UP! Remember, 'There's no gain without pain'. You have to have those empty bank account, broke days. You have to have those, "what's an upline and where do I find it?" days. You have to have those empty store days (no customers/prospects) You have to have those clients that make EVERYTHING difficult. You have to have those constant budget revisions in order to appreciate the abundance of success you're about to receive!

So make sure you have a thought-provoking quote, favorite song, or something that motivates you EVERYTIME, so you can always refer to it when you have those 'give up' moments. Because 'Quitters never prosper'! (I know, a lot if idioms, but hey, they apply and sometimes we just need to be reminded)

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to build a successful website for...FREE

Well, hello! If you're just joining us, you'll see I've been writing blogs for a few months now( the one in 2010 was, "99 days to Win in 2010" ) and it's been a blast. It may come as a surprise to some, or confusion to others, but believe it! This is a part of the many hats that I wear. I LOVE helping others with business matters. My goal is to educate as many people as I can on all business details. Whether you own a Subway or a Network Marketing Coin Business, I can help! So click FOLLOW to the right and follow my blog for 2011, "Get Your Blessin' in 2011: Business Ideas & Advice" (

So today's topic was touched on last year but I'm going there again. For a few weeks we will be focusing on building a proper and working business plan, website and/or blog, and marketing strategies. So let's start with the website(my book on building a business plan is coming out in February! Keep your eyes and ears open for it!).
Anyhow, I was thinking about all the action I get from my site, and wanted to talk to you about how to build a successful website, for....(wait for it...) FREE! There are several resources for this and if you know anymore, follow my blog and comment below with your suggestions. But lets start with I'm not too familiar with this site, but it allows a lot of video and flash player options. Tis really cool for a unique website, trying to reach a more chic crowd.

Another resource that I like! I found Weebly to be very easy to use. You don't even need a domain name they can give one to you and you're set. I have a hard time sitting for a long time trying to figure things out and with Weebly I didn't have any formulas to decode or vast instructions to read. Weebly has numerous templates you can use that will fit any business you are marketing. You can also monetize your site (that means MAKE MONEY!). Weebly has Google Adsense AND an affiliate program you can all use for....(here it is again)FREE!

For a very minimal monthly fee you can receive the following features: audio player, password protection, up to 10 websites, more MB space and MORE!

I don't need those features CURRENTLY, but I look forward to upgrading my membership. I highly suggest  as a tool to create your website! It's fun, it's simple and it's....(drum roll please) FREE! Check it out! Talk to you soon!

P.S. If you are not sure of what type of business you want to market or build a website for, check out my website or email me at I can help you find a business you would be interested in starting (trust me, I have my ways)! If you have any questions about a domain name, or any of these resources, email me at I'll be happy to answer your questions.