Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Let Your Business Fizzle, Make It SIZZLE

So, today I'm going to briefly discuss the difference between business and sizzle cards. First, what are business cards? Usually business cards are bits of information with your name, business information, phone numbers to reach you and email address. EVERYONE should have a business card. EVEN IF you don't necessarily own a business. It's just an easier, classier, neater way to pass on your information when you meet someone.

The difference SIZZLE cards, although sometimes the same size as business cards, have an advertisement as opposed to just your information. They are often seen with dollar bill numbers and faces. For example: As you're walking down the street, you see a $100 bill and pick it up. You think you’ve hit the jackpot but instead it’s a card that reads: Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Earn $2000-$3000 Part Time! Call now for more information. 555-555-5555

See? There’s a hot, SIZZLING message that allows your prospects to make the choice to call or not and create their own jackpot. Now of course the point is to pass out or drop as many of these cards as you can because the odds of someone getting in touch with you then are much better then giving 5 o 10 out a day. Do your research. There are plenty of great Sizzle Card companies, that have good messages and quality cards to offer. So, today I’m going to create my own electronic SIZZLE card. These are great to post on different sites as well. Here's my ELECTRONiC sizzle card:

Tired of being short a few dollars a month? Want to replace your existing income quickly? We can help.
Check us out and see how it literally pays to have friends.
Check out how my partner made $600 in 4 months

What would your sizzle card say? Comment below.

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Updated April 27,2011

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