Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Job's For Anybody

A few months ago, I went to a business meeting and it was very interesting. The featured presenter was there answering questions from prospects and he was taking 7-8 minutes to answer each of them! He would even get off track and lose focus of the question he was answering. And as I sat there, a bit annoyed by his tangents, I realized that ANYBODY can build a business! This guy literally makes MILLIONS of DOLLARS a year and all he does is just talk to people. He goes off on random bits of information, and gets so excited it seems he can't even breath but yet HE'S SO SUCCESSFUL! So, the key is to be yourself. Yes, we should study our business and know the "ins and outs", etc. But just being yourself and allowing people to relate with you is a huge factor in building a successful business.

That's a big part of Internet Marketing as well. Although you're not meeting people face to face, they need to and want to like you before they decide to do business with you.  That's why it is important that you understand the concept of "branding" yourself. In a nutshell, you want people to be attracted to you. You should include photos on your website and offer training videos taped in your house so they can see you in your regular habitat. Give them ways to gain easy access to you. This makes people feel more comfortable with you and want to do business with you. Let's face it, we only have the friends we have today because something about them attracted us to them. Whether it was their personality or something they had to offer, that's the bottom line. Therefore, you have to do the same on your website to make people like you and want to do business with you! Market yourself on social network sites and leave your business cards with people you meet. Those simple things (to start) will help you get exposure to people that need your services.

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Revised 5/12/11

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